Friday 20 February 2009

Meet the Fockers!

Well, Vaughn has now met the whole fam damily.

Chris' dad stopped by for a quick visit on our first day home from the hospital. Needless to say, we weren't in any shape to entertain, but I propped myself semi-upright... it's not like he was there to see me, anyway! I'm resigning myself to the fact that I'm now just "Vaughn's mom", and not a person that people want to see alone anymore!

We went to Ottawa during the last week of January/first week of February. He was an angel on the flights, sleeping almost the whole time - and proceeded to stay up, angry, till 6 am, to make up for it. Mom was great, and sent me to bed at 3 am, so I got a few minutes of sleep, but when I heard him still screaming at 3:40, I felt bad for her, so I went out to take him...and she had gone to bed!

My mom holds a sleeping (thank goodness!) Vaughn.

My dad is tickled pink with his new grandson.

Seriously, though, it was lovely - I'd feed the little guy, then Mom would take him and send Chris and I back to bed. Just what I needed! In between cuddles, he napped in a beautiful cradle, which Dad had made by hand for my nephew Logan!

Logan and Jodie (my sister's kids) got to meet their new cousin, too! (I'm just to the right of Logan, smiling, since I thought I was in the picture, too. Guess not.)

The grudge match - evenings in North Gower are pretty quiet, so we filled the time by playing Killer Bunnies, and, of course, table hockey. (???)

Last week, Chris' mom came up from Vegas for a visit (we were supposed to go down there, but there were issues with getting a birth certificate and passport in time), and then we drove her up to Edmonton to spend a few days with Chris' brothers - Vaughn was a hit with all of his aunts and uncles. And his cousins on that side (Odin the Great Dane and Teddy the Papillon) didn't eat him, so the visit can be considered a success!

Chris' mom with her first grandchild.

Uncle Rob soothes the screaming beastie.

Uncle Ryan gives great cuddles!


Garrett Family said...

I can't believe Logan and Jodie are so old already! How crazy!

Samson & Delilah's Mom said...

How vogue is he! Is that his going out for brunch outfit? tee hee.

Just gotta love the passport is perfect and he looks about 3yrs old...b4 you know it he will be out buying liquor for teens...ok maybe not.

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