Tuesday 18 November 2008

A weekend in Montana / Belly out, 33 weeks

Another long weekend, gone, frittered away frivolously...but how fabulously!

We drove down to Whitefish, Montana for a 4-day r&r with Scott, Jenn, and the angel baby, Graydon.

Montana was lovely – well, the part we saw, which was a) the inside of the cabin, which was delightful and always had a nice crackling fire, even in the middle of the night, which scared the bejeezus out of us, since it had gone out 3 hours before and somehow started itself back up 10 times better than it had been when we were actively (ok, passively) tending it, and 2) the inside of box stores, which were also delightful in their own way.

We didn’t manage to go hiking, though Chris somehow got up for a run on the day we left (I lied – HE didn’t freak out about the sudden blazing fire at 2 am – he also didn’t imagine that there was a mass murderer in the cabin – he also suggested that if I was so concerned about it, I should go check it out, and then promptly fell back asleep. Anyhoo), which impressed the rest of us to bits.

The menfolk were the cooks, which was awesome (with the small exception of the waffles, but we can overlook that), and they also somewhat graciously conceded defeat on the last game night (even if they got all the hard questions. Kaff) (though some might say that they were unbearably smug during all of their other victories). I'd like to add, however, that if I sit down at a game and declare that I have no strategy and/or spatial orientation skills, I shouldn't be mocked for my performance at said game. Even if nobody focuses on me and I end up pretty much playing by myself, and still end up losing. So there.

The belly, somehow, is still growing.

At right, you see me in my mouse pyjamas, late last night, trying not to disturb the intrepid adventurer upstairs.

And again, the hall paint really, really isn't as bad as it photographs.

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