Wednesday 19 November 2008


We had a great time at prenatal class last night - aside from the discussion topic, which was postpartum and quite disturbing.

But they had an "empathy belly"!

They asked for volunteers, and Chris was the first one with his hand up. Sure, some might argue that I lifted it for him, but really, who's counting?

After he signed a waiver (hey, I don't remember signing any waivers!), the instructor had him stand up and take a deep breath in, then out. At the bottom of his exhalation, she wrapped a tight elastic around his chest, to make sure that he couldn't get a full breath in. Then she strapped on a very silly-looking contraption that weighed 33 lbs, complete with boobs, a big belly, and a weight that presses into your bladder.

The "volunteer" had to walk around picking up laundry (very awkwardly), lie down for a "nap", roll over (that alone was worth it!), get up, sit down, tie his shoe, and then stand up without using his hands.

I think it was a very good experience for him... and I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

Honestly, though, don't you think he looks sort of like Mrs. Doubtfire naked?


Anonymous said...

Too fun! And yes, I agree on the Mrs. Doubtfire bit.

Anonymous said...

And he thinks he won't be haunted by this photo in the future? Poor Chris!

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