Friday 9 March 2007

Putting the "whee!" in "weekend"

Friday afternoon.
It's still cold out; however, with Friday being my all-time favourite day, I'm sort of ok with that.

Friday means one more day of work, but, from the moment you get up, there's the promise of a fun, fabulous weekend, packed with friends, activities, outings, and adventures. Or, possibly, nothing. Two days of kicking back and relaxing, possibly having two naps, complete with sunbeams - such luxury! There's anticipation; there's eagerness to get out and experience life, to taste life.

And, you get to wear jeans to work.

By Saturday, you already have that feeling of time ticking past, of needing to fit in as much joy as you can, of realizing that the next day is Sunday. And by Sunday, it's too late; the spectre of Monday looms.

I find I put more effort into my appearance on Fridays, for some reason. I wear casual, more stylish clothes, and, if you've been following my New Year's Resolutions, yes, I'm still flossing (I may have missed a few days, but I'm at least 63 for 68 - not too shabby), and check this out - my hair is styled (half up, but styled and blow-dried and everything) and of course, I'm padded.

On deck for tonight: dinner and drinks (probably too many) with fellow redhead at favourite local. Then a dizzily delirious fall into bed, and an alarm set for 8:30 - vive le weekend!

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