Tuesday 20 March 2007

It's like some weird and amazing mind link

Ok, scroll down to March 6th, where you'll see a quote from Lynne Truss, after which I pose a perfectly normal grammar question. (normal in my family, anyway)

AND THEN! (cue ominous music)

13 days later (I forgot to flip the page on Friday), there it is, the same question in her calendar.

Why, you answer, it's not odd at all! After all, the question that you posted was done so 13 days before she posted the same one!

However -- and this is where it gets really creepy -- the calendar was sealed in a box when I received it for Christmas, which means that she must have been able to see into the future!!!!

Irritatingly, however, she doesn't ANSWER the question.

Or hasn't, as of the March 20 page... it's not like I can see into the future.

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