Friday 30 October 2020

My book has a trailer and it's cooler than my book

I love the creative team at Episodic Reading. Before I even sent them a palette of colours and images that I had in mind for my book cover, they said, "We were thinking this but it's just a draft and we totally welcome any feedback or changes." 

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It was perfect. 

And then, they said, "Also, we made this trailer for your book, and it's just our first pass, but what do you think?" First, my book, and second, a trailer. For my book. (It still doesn't feel real.)

And it was perfect too, so good that I cried -- so good that Fis was impressed -- but it raises a problem.

"Your trailer is writing cheques that my book can't cash!" I cried.

"No, it's based on your book," they responded.

"My book is nowhere near that cool."

"Yes it is."

"My book isn't that exciting."

"The trailer is literally based on the words you wrote."

...and so forth.

So, yeah. My book has a trailer. (My book has a trailer.) I warn you that it starts off in the suburbs, that the exciting space stuff happens later, but take a look at the trailer, then read the first few episodes, and decide for yourself.

Note: to read on Episodic, you need to sign up for a membership, which is free until November 27th, so head on over now!

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