Wednesday 1 January 2020

Simply Having a Wonderful Houghmastime

The moon is right, the spirits up

As Christmas 2019 starts to fade into the rearview mirror, we want to capture some of the more memorable moments.

Vaughn's submission to the Marylebone Christmas card competition.
He didn't win, but we liked it the best.
As always, December was mild, if rainy, and a busy, busy time, full of receptions (Chris and I), so many birthday parties (kids), and far too much merrymaking (Wine. So much wine). These are some of the fun-and-weird highlights of the holidays this year:

The choir of children sing their song

We're pretty sure Vaughn was on the stage, too. We think.
The season kicked off with the older two singing at the Marylebone Christmas Lights concert, where fake snow and street food made everyone merry. All three sang in their school concert as well, and even Tamsin's Grade 2 class' version of Ding Dong Merrily on High was not only recognizable, but rather good: a Christmas miracle, as it were.

Ailsa's first violin concert. She rocked.

And Ailsa performed at her first violin concert! She's only been playing since September, but is already getting a lovely sound out of a potentially horrifying instrument.

The party's on

This is the real DeLorean from Back to the Future. The kids were sort of impressed.
Amidst the flurry of parties and outings (and too much wine almost every night!), our good friends invited us to an amazing night out at a luxury car showroom, surrounded by food, wine and entertainment, where we and the kids mingled with London's elite. They also sat in the actual, real live car from Back to the Future, which we told them all about, and they thought was cool...until the next day when we let them watch the movie and their fuzzy little minds were blown. 

(No Beatles were injured) 

Christmas Eve in London. It's a hardship.
Speaking of the elite, a highlight, for sure, was on Christmas Eve, when we took advantage of a beautiful day to rollerskate and scooter to the park. The kids rolled on ahead down the sidewalk, out of reach/possibly out of control, while Chris and I followed behind with Ziggy. Half a block away, we saw a couple leaving their gate, with our kids bearing down on them like three, "Christmas hoodlums".

Or, at least, that's what Paul McCartney called them when Tamsin narrowly missed running him over. I apologized profusely, wished him and his wife a merry Christmas, and then skipped away. That's right. My takeaway is twofold: 1) I finally talked to Sir Paul, 2) without any inappropriate touching. Woot woot!

(Next time, I'll try to get a photo of him surviving a run-in with my children.)

A visit from St. Nick.

There will be a follow-up post in a few days for Christmas itself, but let me assure you that all were spoiled. Here's hoping that your holidays were as special and magical as ours were, and that you, too, had a simply wonderful Christmastime.

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