Wednesday 20 February 2019

New Year's Resolutions 2019: Check In (and Feel Shame)

Since 2015, the year that I finally succeeded in my New Year's Resolution to floss every day, I have been unbearably cocky.  After all, I already worked out regularly (because it was part of my job), ate well (food is fuel!), and frankly, once I added in daily flossing to the mix, I was ridiculous.  There was literally--literally--nothing else I needed to achieve in my life.

Three years down the line, I must be honest:  I floss every second day now (unless corn, ribs or pineapple), but I still think it's pretty impressive.

SO, this year, I struggled to find something that was resolution-worthy AND plausible.

I resolved to be in bed, lights out, by 11 pm every night.  And to take my vitamins.

So far, midway through February, I have met the first target twice:  once in January, when I was feverish and sniffly, and once last week when I suffered from severe jet-lag.

I routinely stay up too late.  The fitness app on my phone reminds me to go to bed every evening, and checks in with me every morning, and I always feel guilty and exhausted.  Almost every morning, I would trade my first-born child (who, coincidentally, wakes up by 6 am every day) in order to go back to bed for an hour or two.  I almost never get this luxury; unless I have a sick kid at home, I either have a running-group date or clients to train, and then there's the dog, writing, cleaning, kids' activities, and dinner, so I'm tired a lot.

I know that I, in theory, feel great when I get a good night's sleep.  And tomorrow is another day.

(But tonight, I want to finish watching SuperBob.  And last week's SNL.)

Regarding the second part, involving vitamins, let's just humblebrag that my amazing inconsistency with vitamins is pretty solid.  I have over half-a-year's-supply bottle of prenatal vitamins left, and my youngest child is six.


I also (sometimes) take a prescribed iron supplement (when I remember) (at least twice a year).  I have waxed poetic about the transformative power of iron supplements, how they turn you from pale-and-lethargic zombie-person to super-woman almost immediately...especially if you take them last thing at night so that you sleep through the related abdominal discomfort.

But honestly, I know that I could feel better, more energized, less tired, and that it's (mostly) my fault if I'm not.  I know that adequate rest and proper vitamin-and-mineral top-up will make a positive difference in my life, and help me deal with the stresses of my far-too-energetic-and-dynamic-and-sassy children, my creative blocks, the physical demands of training and running, and my needy dog (in no particular order).

So, with that, I proudly declare, 41 days into the year, that my New Year's Resolutions will be met.


If I remember.


And if not, hey, remember that year that I flossed, like, every day?

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