Wednesday 27 February 2019


DammitKaren: Adulting
v. to adult; the act of acting smugly responsible

Today was another long day, in which I accomplished attempted so much.  Chris is away this week, so I'm juggling the home/family/dog/work/ME-stuff alone, and really trying hard not to just be lazy as a backlash to the 2-week half-term that somehow happened to me again

Today, I think I rocked it, but one thing stood out more than any other.  Can you spot it?

Kids:  Up on time, fed, brushed, clothed, sent to school (although Ailsa's sports uniform was still damp from the wash, it was clean)
Me:  Healthy breakfast, glass of water, took my vitamins
Dog: 10-minute walk around block

Me:  4.75-mile run (speed day with my running group), then a lovely, leisurely coffee/tea

Dog:  20 minutes each way to the dog park in beautiful weather with Maya, his favourite doggie playmate, and a good, long, very active romp
Me:  Great conversation with Maya's "mom"

Me:  Shower.  Lunched on leftover chicken and grapes.  Prepared dinner: tried out a new slow cooker recipe for Pork Tenderloin with Honey Balsamic Glaze

Work:  Blog/Twitter/Insta, research for new article, sorted out details of new contracts

Kids:  Home from school, snack (popcorn!) and drink, supervise homework, make cheesy noodles, add with corn and tenderloin to thermii*, pack up juice boxes, forks, and swimming gear

Kids:  Into pool at required times for lessons (punctual for once!), out, dried and dressed again
Me:  30-minute weight workout while smallest has lesson

Me:  Drive home
Kids:  Eat warm dinner in backseat

Kids:  Swim gear hung to dry, jammified, brushed, washed, stories and bed x 3
Dog:  Quick outing

Me:  Dinner (reheated version of thermii), kitchen cleanup, snack prepared for tomorrow

Work:  Boot camp planned, more research and outlining, this post

The gaps in the timing were lost to reading hilarious threads on WhatsApp, I think. 

I am now heading to bed (I swear I'll get there by 11 tonight!), and I feel like a mature, responsible person...not for my exercise-, children-, food-, work- or dog-management, but because I took my vitamins.  (I am slightly disgruntled, however, that my "big accomplishment" was pretty much over by 8:05.  I should have gone back to bed to savour the feeling.)


* one thermos/many thermii

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