Sunday 7 January 2018

The Cat's Away

(Also, Fancy Ladies, Part 2)

I have been horribly delinquent, but Chris just left for Salisbury, so the holiday post is on its way.  In the meantime, curl up on a good book, pour some wine, bake a baguette, and paint your nails.

This morning, we went to the British Library for the Harry Potter History of Magic Exhibit.  No photos were allowed inside, alas, due to the hundreds of years-- and in some cases two-thousand-year-old books and scrolls.  I could have used more information, however, like Why were the French the only ones who saw unicorns, and Whatever happened to the real dragon that guy preserved in Ethiopia? (Seriously.)  Apart from those obvious holes, it was bloody brilliant!

Chris left at 7.  All kids were in bed by 8, their snacks were made for tomorrow and the dog had a little walk while the baguette baked and the boursin warmed.
Truth:  this photo was taken at 9:10 pm.  By 9:20, the tray was empty. 
And why yes, that is a penguin on my thumb.

You are never too old for penguins.

Fancy Lady Update:

Although there are no photos from the third fancy outing of December, I feel that I peaked at the second.  This dress was found in a charity shop, and although I'm not into labels, perhaps I can impress those that are:  this is a Vivienne Westwood.  Somebody in my neighbourhood is my size, but about a foot taller than me,* and apparently donates their extremely expensive clothing without ever wearing it.  

PS:  I win.

* this dress is described as "mid-length".  I beg your pardon.

PPS:  I still win.

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