Monday 8 January 2018


On returning from this morning's 8-mile run to Big Ben and back (this is a cry for help - please save me from this crazy running group and their organized, goal-oriented approach!!!), the Cranky Book Reviewer showered (you're welcome) then took a few minutes to update my Currently Reading list. 

The amazing thing about that list is that YOU see only the 10 most recent books I've entered, while the edit function allows me to see ALLLLL of the books that I've recorded (have reread many, and have "possibly" read a few more over the last 10 years and forgot* to add them). 


This blog has been an amazing way to share with far-away family and friends what we're up to, being (almost) as snarky as I please in my story-telling (my mom reads this blog!).  I love going back to a year and reading through it, especially from when the kids were babies and I was too exhausted and shell-shocked to be able to actually remember anything.  Thank goodness I took photos and videos and wrote down the stories!  (But WHY didn't I write down more of them???)

Back to the books, though - what an amazing list I've compiled!  Essays, history, literature, humour, best-sellers, science (humorous), Celebrity autobiography, obscure bargain-bin finds...  I look at that list and remember most of them, some not at all.  Some have been reread so many times that they're like old friends.  Some are dog-eared to mark a page with a quote that touched me, and those quotes are written down in a notebook by my bed.  The books I've read have helped shape who I want to be, and it's amazing to be able to back and see what I was reading way back before I got married, and at the different points in my life. 

Happy sigh.

Happy Book Reader.

* "forget"/"be ashamed of"...tomato/tomahto.  There "may" have been some romance novels here and there that didn't make it to the list...

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