Tuesday 12 December 2017

Fancy Ladies and London Snow

All grown up!

Our beautiful Tamsin Toonamint recently celebrated the big 0-5, and did it in style.  She made her theatre debut in a small/tiny/wee production of Beauty and the Beast, and then was properly feted by eight of her closest friends at her birthday party.  We went swimming at the local pool and dined on pizza and cake.  Wonderful!

Yes, the 5-year-old is wearing makeup.  I felt it important that her eyes should "pop" under the stage lighting. 
(TLC, call me!)

The proud birthday girl/unicorn in her birthday finery.

We were also struck by a terrible snowstorm! (by London standards!)  (kaff)  The kids pulled out their new snowsuits (well, new to two) and splashed off to the park, where they built their first (possibly only) snowman of the winter!  He was mostly leaves.  The snow melted by that evening, but it was pretty and very Christmassy while it lasted. 

The Hufflings Three and furry sidekick, whom Fis has re-named "Kenny Zoggins".

I've been told to expect temperatures between 0 and 10, and lots of drizzly rain for the next few months.  Upside:  no shoveling!  Downside:  lots of drizzly rain. 

We are looking forward to some proper Canadian snow in a few weeks.

December seems to be a very busy month for cocktail events here.  With the help of some brilliant babysitters, we have been able to get all dressed up and mingle with, well, complete strangers for the most part, but it's fun.  I have developed quite the taste for wee little hors d'oeuvres (ingested in bulk), served by fancy waiters.*  This was taken at the end of the evening - imagine how stunning I must have looked when we first arrived!   (Obvious answer:  even more stunning.)

* We usually have to stalk the good ones.  Chris followed the pigs in blankets server for a good 10 minutes, much to the amusement of some, well, complete strangers.

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