Saturday 15 February 2014

Mommy's nut butter.... you wouldn't like it

My wise friend Ali sent me this recently:

Wow, I replied.  I look amazingly lifelike as a Barbie.

I had a good thing going for about 2 years.  The kids had their peanut butter, and I would sometimes get Nutella, about which I'd say, "It's Mommy's nut butter... you wouldn't like it."  And they actually bought it!  Until they actually tasted it, one cursed day.  Oh well.  The truth had to come out sometime!

Here I am in Costco heaven. 

Nice pipes!
(I owe it to the Nutella...skim milk, hazelnuts...and only a hint of cocoa!)

 Fis said, "No."  


Note:  there is no point or real anecdote to this post.  I just really like Nutella.


Garrett Family said...

That jar of Nutella is bigger than your head, just sayin...

We do this all the time but we say that the ice cream of chocolate has coffee in it. Works like a charm! Matt doesn't even drink coffee and it still works!

Are you back in training for something? Do tell!

Anonymous said...

That's just weird .....

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