Wednesday 8 January 2014

Vegas, baby! Lake Havasu, dude!

A quick trip to visit two set of grandparents down south gave us a few days of balmy weather while the folks back home shivered in -25 degree weather.  I am not gloating.  I swear.  Some days, we had to wear sweaters.

These kids know how to do "vacation".  Here they wait (fashionably, of course) for the monorail.
Tamsin and I at the lion and dolphin habitat.  Don't worry, they don't house them together...anymore....  (Tamsin doesn't think that's funny)

Ocean's Three:  Waiting patiently for my most favourite thing in Vegas:  the water show at the Bellagio.

It didn't disappoint.  Tonight's song was the theme from the Calgary Olympics.  It was a good last hurrah before we headed to the airport for our red-eye home.  Gack.

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Garrett Family said...

Seriously?! Could Tamsin look any more like you?! The answer is no. No, she could not. You guys are like twins with an obvious age difference! Kiddos are looking so grown up and cute!

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