Tuesday 5 November 2013

Speedy McGee (and the Fey Hufflings Three)

Uh oh... it's happening.

She is so proud of herself.  She was walking on her knees, then up on her feet, all over the gymnasium today at Active Playgroup, grinning the whole time.

Previously:  Walmart was holding a Fairyland photo event.  How could I possibly not go?

Note the look on Tamsin's face as she starts to capsize, and realizes that her wings are just decorative.  Wuh-oh.

Nobody needs to tell Ailsa how pretty she looks.  She knows.

This will, of course, be part of the wedding slideshow.  Heh heh.

Tamsin thinks this frog-kissing is just all too funny.  Why would I want it to turn into a prince?  The frog is much more fun!


Anonymous said...

Um, yes, that will definitely make it into the wedding slideshow!!!

Anonymous said...

SO adorable! Love the "wedding" picture...he's NOT/NOT going to let you off easy for posting that picture though :P

Your daughters are so pretty!


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