Thursday 19 September 2013

Down by the river

After a few too many nights of colds and misery, it was a beautiful day yesterday, so I thought we should try to bike to the river after school.  I packed drinks and a snack (the complicated-but-rather-delicious Cook's Illustrated Banana Bread), and away we went.

The kids did amazingly well - it's a little over a kilometre each way, almost entirely on busy sidewalks, but we got there in about 20 minutes.  Within sight of the playground, we stopped for a while to admire the ducks, geese and swans.  The kids have spent so much time at this park with their caregiver, and they really miss it.  It's an incredible green space with NCC pathways throughout - perfect for running, biking, or blading...or just enjoying the green energy.  I often forget how close we live to the river, and would love have adventures there more often.

Tamsin was super-interested in all the birds, including this beautiful pair of swans.  

Next, we found a jungle cat, asleep on a tree.  And if you look carefully, there's another one up in the branches.

Vaughn showed off his amazing spider-skills.

The light was incredible.  We left the park around 5:15 and pedaled (much more slowly) home.
(Not bad for cellphone pics, eh?  You can see how the light changed in just 40 minutes.)

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Garrett Family said...

Look at Tamsin's beautiful hair! Love it!

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