Friday 21 September 2012

Well, that was fast...

2 weeks ago, 28 weeks along

After a quick stint of (dubious) respectability, I will be leaving the shiny golden hallways of SSC to go on "modified" bed rest,* effective 2 pm today.  Woo. 

The lesson we have all learned from this is, "Be careful what you wish for," closely followed by "Practice abstinence." 

The baby is fine, but my doc is quite worried about it planning an early escape (hopefully not too early, but if it's NOT too early, I will lose my doodle. Seriously). 

I went to the hospital for a steroid shot in my leg, so that, if Houdini arrives this weekend, its lungs will be nice and ready.  And I get another one today! Possibly in the butt!  Admit it, you wish you were me.

I digress.  For any fun/witty/snarky comments, stories, and forwards, please send them on to me at home where I will be lounging about in my jammies, possibly unwashed, and wallowing in self-pity and daytime television. Visitors welcome, as are anonymous deliveries of bonbons.

Texts are good, too, if you're too damn lazy to pick up the phone to actually talk to me.


PS - please don't mention this to anyone on hiring boards (R-squared), just in case they don't want to call me in for an interview...

* I choose to include Starbucks, DQ, and lunch with friends in the term "modified".  Call me.  I may even shower.

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Unknown said...

So i know it has been since we've chatted since I had no idea you were preggers! So I'm thinking, perhaps someday soon I should stop by with poutine with Winter Gravy?


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