Wednesday 26 September 2012

DG Presents: SNBs,* Halloween edition

This morning, with the Amazing Amanda busy, the kids stayed home with me till just before lunch.  Being home on bedrest anyway, it was no problem at all.

Rest, my foot.

I decided to buy some Halloween cookie cutters yesterday at Bulk Barn (yes, of course I had a coupon).  The Warden had left for her art class, so I snuck out to buy some deeeelicious raspberry leaf tea (delicious in a uterus-toning way only), and noticed that they not only had copious amounts of crap-in-my-mouth** on special, but also some fun cookie cutters.

During dinner (roast chicken on a bed of garlic, onion, fresh rosemary and white wine - the DG is down but not out), I mentioned to the kids that I picked up some neat cookie cutters, and asked what kind of cookies they thought we'd need for Halloween?  Vaughn guessed the ghost and bat, and Ailsa chimed in with "punkin!". 

I made the dubious call of telling them that we'd make cookies in the morning.  This meant no sleep for anyone, because Baking with Mommy is Very Exciting.  In a Mommy-needs-a-drink and you-kids-need-a-timeout kind of way.  But the results were delicious. 

No photos were taken during the process, as I needed both hands for smacking little hands, fingers, noses and mouths that kept trying to incorporate themselves into the dough.

And now, for that rest.

* Unfortunately, inside jokes are only funny to a few people.
** See above.


Anonymous said...

hee,hee. Well, I got one inside joke. I just shared my disgust of the Halloween Offender and the other mom also reminded me how you would almost pull your teeth outmafter biting down on them foolishly.

Anonymous said...

hee, hee, hee...I love the size of your SNB's...
Only they don't look as SN? Clearly my assistance is needed to *achieve* the proper level??

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