Thursday 25 August 2011

What I Did on my Summer Vacation

First of all: Summer is NOT over.

But what did we DO all summer? (instead of updating my blog, you mean?)

We played in the backyard! This was Ailsa's first time with her new pool - it was a bit cool to sit in, but great to splash in!

As the summer progressed, and the water was warmer, she warmed up to the idea, too.

Bathing beauty.

I got a haircut! About 10 inches, gone. Yes, I miss it.

Sometimes, it rained. So we built forts!

And here's last Saturday morning: we had gone to the market, come back for snacks (samosas!), put Ailsa down for a nap, and slip-n-slid while the diapers dried in the sun.

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Garrett Family said...

Are you going to answer my blogs through your blogs now?! Summer IS over! It's still hot but it's over!

Love the hair by the way!

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