Wednesday 1 June 2011

Touristing in O-Town

Wrapping up the maternity leave experience, and also having talked too much about the wonders of Ottawa for the past three years, the kidlets and I headed downtown for some out-and-abouting, while we could.

Mostly photos follow.

Though still a far cry from the Best Tulipfest Ever ("I love you, Shawn Desman!")(were there, possibly, too many slushie drinks?)(NEVER!!!), we managed to go three times over the two-week festival to partake in tunes, tulips, and tiptoeing.

There was music, people, and grass statues, most notably, a Very Hungry Caterpillar. And on the last day of the festival, it had sprouted butterfly wings!

During a pause in the live music (I believe it was India's Nomadic Orchestra of the World that day), Ailsa considers a future in politics.

She decided it was more fun to dance with Daddy.

The scene of the crime; where it all began. That's Vaughn, checking out a tulip statue. God, he is soooo clingy.

Ailsa is happily oblivious to the giant spider behind her. Vaughn is just realizing...

Actually, we looked through wedding photos a few weeks ago, and he was very interested in seeing this statue.

On the way up Murray Street, he told a man that he was going to see a giant spider, and the man said, "Do you know what it's name is?" Vaughn said, "Maman." Silly man, you are speaking with no mere mortal!

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