Friday 1 April 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Ma'am-ed

Well, it's building.

With still 6 days left on the sunny side of 35, I realized last night, suddenly, horribly, that...

Oh! It's too terrible to type!

Before going there, let me just say that I taught my first Attack class on the schedule* tonight. That's right - I'm back to being paid to work out (really, the only civilized way to do it)! So, despite not very much woo-ing (I measure my awesomeness is with woos) (doesn't everyone?), I left the gym with a spring in my step. I also thought back to last night, when my floor hockey team held their own against a team of twice-as-many/half-as-old competitors, and how much fun it is to get out of the house -- sans kids -- and be Active Fun Me again. So all in all, I go into this post with the joie de vivre that I've been missing lately.

Back to the horror, the horror:

We all know that I think of myself as 17, on the inside, at least. Well, last night, I suddenly (and horribly, of course) realized that not only am I twice as old as I think I am, but I'll only be twice as old for a few more days...after that, I'll be even older.


*For those in the GVA (Greater Vanier Area), Thursday @ 5:30, every week... come out and suffer with me!

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Anonymous said...

I will not be able to make it out to the birthday breakfast - shall I simply send a singing clown birthday announcement at that time??
TP#2 (sad to miss the 6 vs. 7 meal try...)

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