Friday 18 February 2011

You missed your chance

To all of those so-called savvy investors, general vacationers, and real estate mavens, well, you missed out.

The prime piece of Medicine Hat real estate that I've been shilling as a honeymoon getaway/ski lodge/summer home has been snatched up, and I'm afraid, friends, that it's your loss.


While we are no longer "house-rich", as I like to call it, nor are we "tycoons" anymore, it turns out that I had the wrong definition for tycoon all along, in that one apparently needs to make money on one's real estate, not just own a bunch of it and pay all the mortgages, etc. Who knew? But I digress. The point was that now, no longer being "house-rich", we are also no longer "dirt-poor". But...

We just sold the house that I brought my babies home to. The house in which we went from being a couple to being a family. It was my babies' first home and we just sold it!


We can now afford to spend money frivolously on luxuries such as food and heat. But...

It was the house we bought when we went on our Grand Adventure, that we decorated like fiends and made our own, with paint, flooring, and totally rockin' backsplashery. (and here, too)

And now we have to do it again. Eek. But...

We won't have to deal with the Worst Relocation Company on the Planet anymore. But...

It was sort of our one last tangible link to life in the Hat -- our park, our friends, our nightly walks. It feels that that chapter of our life has closed.

At least we still exist there, on Google Earth.

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