Tuesday 1 February 2011

A Toothsome Little Morsel...

Well, as Children of the Domestic Goddess, these poor kids have their work cut out for them. With Test Pig #2 being so far away (snif), and TP#1, so often out of town (snif snif), the Test Piglets get thrown into the mix all the time.

Good thing they're game.

Before dinner, I find it helps to keep them occupied with an "apple-tizer", which is either Cheerios or pieces of whatever I'm chopping up at the time.

Hey! What's that you're eating, oh watery-eyed progeny o' mine?

Tonights dinner was a Leftover Extravaganza!!!!TM. I burned up* some onions and garlic, added some ground turkey, and then emptied the fridge of every single tupperware from the few days before: a smashed potato (yum), some broiled tomatoes with parmesan, some green beans, some cheeeeeesy rice, and a fresh tomato too, just for excitement.

So, I presented them with some Hough HashTM** (Ailsa's, of course, was pureed a bit) - and, by golly, it was quite good. Of course, the DG had the luxury of washing it down with a glass of 2008 Wirra Wirra Church Block (a deeeelicious bottle, highly recommended, and available at your local LCBO for about $20).

Finally, speaking of teeth (which we sort of were, if you check the title of the entry), guess who has a new tooth???? ***

What do you mean you can't see it? Anyhoo, I now have deep marks in my thumbs from the new, sharp puppy tooth, and it looks like the adjoining tooth will make its appearance in the next few days (see footnote). Awww...

* This is a patented DG cooking technique, in which food is seared in a nonstick skillet without butter or oil, for health and/or I-forget-to-add-it reasons. Suggested motto: It may be charred, but it's healthy.

** Oddly enough, in this case, h-o-u-g-h is prounced "who".

*** The youngest Huffling is lucky that the tooth showed up when it did; being that cranky, day and night, for no good reason, is only acceptable as an Elder Huff.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I believe charcoal is used to filter/purify things so you are just cranking the "healthified" level up even more!

"Yay" for teeth showing up and "Boo" for the symptoms/behaviour that proceed them.

Dammit Karen said...


However, the wine seems to have mediated the effect on me...

Garrett Family said...

No Hough hash for us! That vomiting thing is definitely a turn off! Your kids are a little nutty eating onion! Although my kids won't touch anything that's not processed...sigh.

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