Thursday 22 April 2010

Not dead, just quarantined

Hey, faithful readers and people who normally correspond with me on a regular basis!

Miss me? Worried that I'm mad at you? Or that something terrible has happened?

What, are your fingers broken??? Why has nobody called?


Where have I been? I've been here, but incommunicado. Due to some kind of issue with our network at work, we've been totally quarantined from the outside world: no email, no internet. So, by the time I get home at night, I still have all the things that I normally do all day at work, to do.

Ha ha! Just kidding, people that I work for!


I'm too overwhelmed and unwieldy to write much right now, but know this:

1 - I'm getting bigger. To get an idea, take this photo (taken on April 5th, at exactly 7 months preggers) and multiply it by oh, about twelve thousand. I am a barge. But otherwise, according to the doctorbs, healthy. I taught my last step class last Monday night, to the immense relief of my class, I'm sure. The "My name is Karen, and does anyone here know how to deliver babies?" schtick was getting a bit old.

2 - Vaughn takes after his Mom in lots of ways, not the least being his good attitude in the face of tumbles and spills. This happy little fellow took his first header down the front steps on April 8, and my catlike reflexes allowed me to catch him on the first bounce...which apparently doesn't count. Anyhoo, lots of screams (him), lots of tears (me), lots of blood (him), a trip to the emergency room, a few stitches and a freezie later, everything was fine. Ok, Vaughn was fine. I was a mess. I'm still recovering, actually. Below is the trooper right before we got his stitches removed. He was a champ.

3 - What's more fun than pajama time and being tickled by Daddy's feet? NOTHING! THEY'RE THE GREATEST THINGS EVER! Of course, incapacitating belly laughs are pretty awesome, too.


Meg said...

You all need a tan. IM BLINDED!!!! BLINDED!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Hate to say it, but you look HUGE! Well, not you, but the belly does... and six weeks to go - yikes!
Loved the video...

Garrett Family said...
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Garrett Family said...

Hey! You look good! Ok, ok, you look really tired! Hang on sista! It's going to get even worse!

Glad to see you're all alive and well even if one of you is a little cut up!

Keep us posted!

PS - Had a typo the first time around - sorry!

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