Tuesday 9 March 2010

Proof that He's Not Adopted

For your consideration, I have compiled some photographic evidence to prove that Vaughn is indeed my son. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, that's for sure.

Exhibit A

Party Animal Vaughn was invited to two birthday parties on the same day, and of course couldn't refuse either one! We managed to get to Oliver's party at noon (unfashionably early), and then on to Chayce's at about 1:30. Above, he and Oliver share some laughs.

Sure, this probably doesn't compare to the legendary party crashing night of '98, in which Sean and I hit three random parties that we weren't invited to before our coup de resistance: a corporate party at Chateau Laurier! We were polite crashers, though, as we each had our own bottle (rum and gin, respectively) and a glass with us... anyhoo, but it's a start.

Exhibit B

Sometimes, I look at other people's cake and wonder why I don't have some, too. (Usually, however, I'm dressed.) Chayce is the birthday boy in the middle, and TJ and Vaughn clearly question why he's getting special treatment here.

Exhibit C

Oh wait. Everything is ok, and everyone's all cakey. See, I also like to share cake with others, as long as by "share", they mean that I can eat all that I want. I don't, however, make a habit of eating topless with black socks.

Exhibit D

Sometimes, the V-man gets a bit messy, but all in the name of good cake.

Exhibit E

Apparently, they had cameras back then.

Exhibit F

And finally, Vaughn shares my love of hottub parties, although I'm sure I've never been to one THIS wild (the overflow night with Danielle, John and Holtzy notwithstanding).

(Danielle, any and all comments you post to the contrary will be deleted!)

I hope to capture the Karaoke King link as soon as I can get it on video... he's also definitely his father's son...

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Danielle said...

Our priorities were a little skewed that evening.... which led to us being locked out of Loeb and to the ransacking my parents' fridge for pork chops (or was it steak) prior to fitting 4 people (note: 50% of the party were extra large human beings) into a 2 seater hot tub..... at least we refilled the tub before leaving.... fun times...

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