Saturday 13 March 2010

It Walks!

Ok, so without a scary font, we're missing something.

Anyway, finally caught on film this morning, our wonderful little creature performs two of his new tricks:

For those keeping track, V's vocabulary now includes "shoes" and, of course, "cheese". He can also do sign language for "more" and for "eat". Really, what else do you need to get by in life?


Meg said...

YAY VAUGHN!!!!! Not to be outdone, Kiernan began to reach for toys hanging above him today!

Well, its a start...

fracguy said...

Oh dear - I have a feeling that Vaughn and Chayce may be quite the team at TJ's party (that is of course if you are attending!) - Chayce just started walking today! Well, a few steps here and there, but it's a start!

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