Monday 26 October 2009

Splish Splash

Daddy's off on a work trip, so it's just me and the V-man, holding down the fort. We seem to be doing ok, but miss him terribly! Last night was the splashiest bathtime yet, and tons of fun!

The only problem is that Vaughn's newest tricks (pushing himself up to sitting, then pulling himself up to standing, and cruising around things) while awesome everywhere else, are NOT awesome in the slippery bathtub! I fear that it'll be quite a while before he stops fighting me on this one... if ever? In the meantime, this is fun for hours at a time:

His other new trick is turning pages - it makes reading pretty neat. Or more frustrating, depending on his patience with how fast we read!

Well, we survived the flu, and are no worse for wear, aside from a bit of residual snottiness. And yay, no flu shot required now! Apparently, every case of flu recorded here so far has been H1N1, so the "regular" shot wouldn't have done us any now we're off the hook for the season! I hope.

My braces are getting more manageable. My initial enthusiasm waned after about 4 hours, when I realized that it hurt to bring my teeth within an inch of biting anything. Oh, the agony! But nothing that time, good humour, and a nice mixture of alcohol and tylenol couldn't fix. It was a good week of zoodles, KD, smoothies, and oatmeal, anyway. AND, I've got my nightly flossing routine down to 25 minutes (wheee), and am able to eat semi-solids again, though the Crispy Crunch and Mr. Big in the Halloween stash are still safe from me...although they may have a future in the blender.



Garrett Family said...

So funny! I just posted bum shots and then came to your blog for some more bum shots!

Cathy said...

I am glad that you guys are feeling better!

amreneau said...

The standing in the tub I don't think EVER goes away :(
just wait till he starts lining up all the shampoo bottles because he likes the big splash they make when he knocks them down!!

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