Thursday 30 July 2009

July: A Summery Summary

We had a pretty busy July! With Canada Day and Uncle Ryan's visit behind us, we thought we could maybe relax for a bit. Boy, were we wrong!

We signed up for swimming lessons for the two middle weeks, and I've gotta say, Vaughn is part fish. He's a happy little water baby, and seems totally mellow with the whole experience... as long as he doesn't put his face in the water and breathe in. He doesn't like that too much. After the first week, though, he figured out the blowing bubbles bit, and kicks like a little frog! I love it!

Ash and Jeff visited for two nights on their Long Way Across tour, and were fantastic houseguests and enthusiastic adventurers (not to mention provided half of these photos)! They partook in the Medicine Hat Stampede, attended the parade (wow. Words cannot describe the parade, sorry), and were good sports to play both Killer Bunnies and Cranium Pop 5 with us.

Hey, do you know the entire theme from Laverne and Shirley? These three do.

Seems that I somehow gave away a clue by saying that I wasn't old enough to know anything about it, and right after Ash guessed it (in 3.2 seconds), the peanut gallery burst into song. I still cling to my claims of youth, but had to Google it. Voila.

Vaughn's eating three squares a day with us now, and seems to love everything we give him (although I have cut beef out of his diet for my own sake - yick)... he's an "advanced" eater, in that he can feed himself - if you wait too long to put the spoon in his mouth, he takes matters into his own hands. And all over his face.

The end of July also saw us take a road trip up to Edmonton (with a stop for lunch with Grandma and Gramps in Red Deer). It was a nice long weekend -- the V-man hung out with his doggie cousins, Odin and Teddy, and Aunt Lynda, Uncle Rob, Uncle Ryan, and of course, Grandma!

Unfortunately, Chris came down with the flu, so Vaughn was left to the tender care of Odin a lot. Nobody was eaten, so it was a successful trip.

Finally, Vaughn has grown out of his baby tub (snif), and had his first big boy bath in the bathtub. He's growing so fast!!!

Anyhoo, here's hoping that August is nice and quiet...

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Anonymous said...

Seriously...he just keeps getting cuter, and cuter, and cuter!!! Glad to see you're having a great summer :) Come back to Ottawa soon!!


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