Thursday 4 June 2009

You want me to eat what, now?

Well, life is back to normal, whatever normal is.

(at right: horizontal parenting)

I'm still getting to the gym 3 times a week, and sometimes even squeezing in an extra run outside once in a while. My 5k time is around 27 minutes, which is so much worse than it used to be, but I can actually run the whole thing without stopping to walk now! I'm plugging away, adding in speed intervals and hill training, just to keep it somewhat motivating.
The babysitting room at the Y loves the little guy, so that's really helpful. Unfortunately, they're only open during his naptime, which means that he has a great time there, and then I pay for it later!

V's new trick is eating! He's a little pro (or a little piggy, depending on your view), and mastered rice cereal by the second bite. He gets a bit agitated whenever you remove the spoon ("oh no! I could starve to death!") so we give him his own spoon to chew on between mouthfuls. Before I get the inevitable comments, the doctor approved his early start, since he is, sadly, lacking a bum.

Next stop: sweet potatoes! That can wait till we get back home again, though.

He's also getting pretty comfortable in his bumbo, and he can entertain himself with a good giraffe or two (thanks, MKX2!) for up to 15 minutes while I make dinner.

The Huff Photo Studio was set up again the other day to capture the x-treme adorableness of Tarzan Baby. Vaughn was a very good sport about the whole thing, although I'm noticing that he can only turn one way... hmmm...

Too bad he's so shy and inhibited.

We're gearing up for a trip out to Ottawa (yay!), featuring lots of walks downtown, good food, and good friends... yet still maintaining a sensible bedtime, since SOMEBODY now sleeps pretty well through the night, but gets up at 5 (booooo). I'm looking forward to having adult conversations whenever possible, too!
Our friends Scott and Jenn (and their little one) will be there too, so there will be lots of play dates, swimming in the hotel pool, and maybe smuggling some Parliament Hill cats home with us!


Cathy said...

Oh my, he is sooo cute! (Triple o's, that mean business!) Love the hair, especially the fauxhawk in the picture with the giraffe.

Garrett Family said...

Vaughn is such a cutie!

Plus, I admit, you are a much better runner than me! 27 minutes for a 5K seems pretty fast to me. I run for 30 minutes on the treadmill and I don't think I'm even making it to 5K and I'm exhausted by the end of it!

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