Friday 1 May 2009

3 1/2 months - Sir Kicks-A-Lot

Guess who can roll over?

From his back to his front?

This is a 6-month skill, but our talented and crafty little boy has decided to skip the front-to-back roll, which would be fine, except now, when you lay him on his back, he rolls over to his front... but then he gets tired, and doesn't know how to get back!

It's a really fun thing, at 4 am, to walk into a screamy baby's room, to see him lying on his stomach, mad as heck that he can't figure out how to sleep that way!

But pretty cute, too.

I've post a rolling-over video soon. Here's our happy little fellow enjoying his tummy time!

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TI Alumni Page said...

Love the kicks. And explains month 4-9 of your pregnancy!

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