Thursday 18 December 2008

Week 37: Misty Watercolour Memories...

...of the way we were....

Ok, so what better way to show off the FULL TERM BELLY than to squeeze my girth back into the same outfit I wore in the first belly shot?

Ok, truth time: I'm too "thrifty" to buy new jammies, and the others were in the wash. But isn't it funny?

At left, me at 5 weeks, still ab-tastic, full of pep and vinegar, excited for the weeks ahead (ok, in reality, I cut my head out of the shot because of the shocked-and-appalled-what-the-heck-have-we-done look on my face).

At right, me last night, again with the head cut off, but mostly for comparison purposes. And also, my head is wrapped in a towel. A lot of the pep has subsided, but I still have THAT LOOK once in a while, trust me.

Chris thinks that I have "dropped", which means that, according to my multitude of books and references, labour is, at most, 4 weeks away. Kaff. Thanks, science! All I know is that I am even more intensely uncomfortable, ungainly, and unwieldy than usual, and I'd be happy with any day now!!! But, we wait.

In other, uncomfortable, topics of discussion, people with class, etiquette, and good sense, please stop reading now.

Several people have asked whether we are registered or not.

(embarrassed sigh)

First, let me say that we got ourselves (ok, Chris got ME) into this mess (ha ha), and we're not doing the baby shower or gift request thing at all. We've already picked up all the must-haves, mostly thanks to the generosity of already-parents who have passed on their gently-used stuff! BUT, for the purpose of the people that HAVE asked us to (can you picture me typing this with a bag over my head?), we have registered at Babies 'R' Us. And aside from that, books or 3-month-plus outfits would be welcome, but really, really, really not necessary.

/end embarrassing greedy/mercenary bit

(head is still hung with shame)

Mostly, as we proceed (onwards!), I'd really appreciate the gift of staying in touch with my family and friends, even if I'm not the one picking up the phone or sending the letters/emails - please bear with me/us over the next little while, and don't give up on me!


Garrett Family said...

You're so cute! I already have some items for you that I think you'll enjoy although I do want to wait until baby arrives before I send anything.

We think of you guys often and we wish you all the best with the labor and delivery. I can't wait to hear the news and hope that you send a mass email with all the details asap.

I know you guys will make super parents and I (we) wish you the very, very best!

Love from,
Diana (and fam)

Mommy said...

Thanks for the update, was wondering how things were going.

Trust me enjoy these last few moments of peace as uncomfortable as you are.

Take a good long look at Chris tell him you love him and that you'll see him in 9 months! ha ha.

No seriously. I am serious. Enjoy your last hot meal or a meal out. No wait.. you'll get a few months more after baby arrives.

I always asked people what it would be like after the baby arrived, NO one can tell you what it will be like until your baby arrives.

Thanks for the registry info, atleast if anyone wants to get your something it will be in the right colour, don't be embarrased, we all want to send stuff but want to send the RIGHT stuff :)

You guys are gonna be GREAT parents. Now breath 1.2.3.


Garrett Family said...

Haven't seen an update in a while. Did you have the baby? Maybe a Christmas baby?!

Anonymous said...
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