Wednesday 31 December 2008

Nursery Rhymes (with Curse - ery)

Well, the nursery is all put together. It wasn't easy, it wasn't fun, but hey, nobody got divorced.

(that might be because I waddled away when it started to get really loud)

The painting was done at the end of November, and looks fantastic - sky blue on top, and grass green on the bottom. We still need to apply the super-cute yellow-and-orange jungle animal decals to the walls, but otherwise, it's all set.

The rocking chair, bought second-hand from Laurel, was partially reupholstered a few months ago. Fabric, cushion, staple gun, go. No worries, especially for the Domestic Goddess. I wanted to make a cushion and some curtains, as well, but someone has issues with their sewing machine.

Ok, I'll admit it. It's me.

I used to sew so many of my own clothes (like my green dress! Who didn't love the green dress? The Amish LOVED my green dress...), but when I finished university, suddenly I started having problems with my machine. It was always loopy. The tension was off. It was frustrating and demoralizing. So I gave up sewing.

But, for the curtains, I knew I'd have to crack open the beast and give it the old college try. Procrastination, of course, helps one avoid an unpleasant situation, which brings us to Christmas Eve.

The crib had been put together a week or two before, and after several angry calls to Costco (we ordered it from their online site) to report damage, we decided that we could live with it (still waiting to hear about a discount on it), and opened up the dresser.

Which was pretty well destroyed.

We took it back to the warehouse, and ordered a new one online, hoping that it would arrive on time (tick tick tick!), then sat back to wait.

The new dresser arrived on the 23rd, and I decided to spend a pleasant afternoon assembling it. Kaff. Well, let's just fast forward to the afternoon of the 24th, when I finally broke down and asked for help. The door wasn't closing properly. The drawers kept falling off their tracks.

This is when I stepped away. By 11:55 pm, though, it was all finished, and we shared a Merry Christmas kiss.

AND THEN, on Boxing Day, I opened up the sewing machine. Nothing like facing the demons head on, right?

The first thing I did was call my sister, to have her walk me through the threading of the machine, since I figured that's where my problems lay. Turns out that my breaking the spool holder thingy as I opened the machine (oops) was the best thing I could have done - by using the auxiliary spool holder (Tracey told me all about it; she broke hers about 10 years ago and had been using the backup ever since), the first test line I sewed was perfect. So, the DG was off! Nothing would stand in her way!

The curtains are white flannellette, with a broad stripe of yellow flannellette on the bottom, distinguished by a ribbon of orange and yellow polka-dots (which matches the jungle animals perfectly!) - I even lined them. All without a pattern. I was pretty happy with them, and Chris was totally impressed. Go me!

And the room, it looks lovely.

Above, the crib, with the ducky quilt that Mom made.

Ooo... fancy, profesh-looking curtains
and matching chair! (I expect that the top cushion will shape itself as it gets used.)

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