Wednesday 1 October 2008

Week 26: And Leon's getting llllarger!

(Oh, Airplane, is there anything you don't have a quote for?)

Ok, so at right, I stand at 26 weeks. (I expect that, over the next little while, I will be leaning, or supported from falling over!)

The Huffalump is becoming more and more active by the day (and night), and its newest skill is hiccups. We're obviously dealing with a Very Advanced Fetus here. It can also wedge a limb up under my ribs, which isn't as cute, and it's laying the smack down on my abdominal wall with increasing force.

New nicknames include Kicky McFidget, Pele (soccer star), Nadia Comaneci (due to gymnasticky flippiness and a recent trip to Romania), and Kung Fu Panda.

My energy level (despite the beatings) is still high - I've been feeling quite good for the past 4 weeks, and am a bit worried about the dreaded 3rd trimester fatigue, which is apparently caused by my blood volume reaching maximum capacity, which sounds pretty cool, actually.

Preparation-wise, since my ticker now counts me as being in the double digits (98 days left as of today), can I just say, AAAAAAAAAAA! This baby will arrive with diapers and a few stuffed animals, but I think we need to get on the ball. Maybe next week.

STOP RIGHT THERE! It's time for another Random Foot Check!
As you can see, the toesies are still visible, but I'm sure it'll be a different story by this weekend!


Woody said...

Haaaaaaaaa, you can BARELY see your toes! I bet you were sucking in!

Anonymous said...

What toes? I bet you're wishing now that you had bigger feet!

Garrett Family said...

You're gorgeous!

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