Monday 25 August 2008

Moving Milestones

Ok, I would never in a million years forgive myself if I didn't write this down somewhere... or actually, this might be ok, so that the second child (if second child occurs) never gets a chip on its shoulder about not getting the same level of documentation as the first.


I've been feeling the Huffalump flippety-floppeting inside me since 13 weeks and 2 days, which is pretty early, apparently, but I hadn't felt any substantial movements other than that... until Tuesday (Aug 19 - 19 weeks, 6 days) - I got a very deliberate poke... poke poke... very cool.

The next day, after lunch, it was running laps in there (I told Chris that it felt like having a Very Excitable Rat in a kangaroo pocket, which to those that know how much I like rats, is really a good thing...).

AND THEN last night (Saturday, Aug 23), we were watching a movie, and I got a good thump. So Chris put his hand on my belly, and he felt it too! Totally awesome.

Misty moment.

I'm ok now.

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Anonymous said...

So your little one is taking advantage of the "Kapow" technique already. Bet you wish you didn't pass on that one...

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