Thursday 10 July 2008

PG Food Rant #1

Ok, 14 weeks (yesterday). Apparently, the Tapeworm is now the size of my fist. This may explain why I am in maternity pants already. Eep. (Actually, today I am wearing my Last Remaining Normal Pants - the ones that I always felt sloppy in because they were so big around the waist... karma...)

So, food. Love it. For someone who's been such a healthy eater for so long (but supplementing with chocolate), this has been awesome. I get HUNGRY. For FOOD. I call Chris and say, "Hey, we should go to Yuk Yuks when we're in Ottawa - they have great nachos." And he says, "Is EVERYTHING about food?" Yes, yes it is.

I've (finally) developed a healthy relationship with food. I don't feel guilty for eating -- in fact, I feel guilty for NOT eating. I've actually gotten out of bed to have a snack, realizing that I may not have eaten enough during the day. Trust me, sleep -- or even just being horizontal -- has always trumped food, needing to pee, etc. But now, I must eat.

I find that eating my snack at my OLD usual time (9:30) doesn’t make it to lunch – not even close. I’m feeling cautiously hopeful that the nausea that’s been causing me to snack every 30 minutes for the last 2 months has completely passed, although I still feel queasy on an empty stomach. Which I have now.

So, I rummage around in my trusty snack drawer (mental note: getting to be fairly slim pickings. It's down to graham crackers, marshmallows and leftover Easter chocolate, aka S'mores fixin's, and candy hearts from Valentine's Day. I really must replenish it soon, possibly with a variety of healthier options... or at least different types of candy) and find a dark chocolate bar with ginger. Double bonus! Not only do I get all the positive benefits of dark chocolate (I’m worried that the sudden drop in flavonoids and polyphenols -- related to my sudden drop in red wine consumption – will cause me mental health problems…some critics might call that “withdrawal”, but I don’t see THEM drinking any less! Kaff), but I also get the nausea-fighting bonus of ginger!

How nice!

Ok, um... I ate 2 squares.

Now seriously, is it lunchtime yet?

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