Tuesday 15 July 2008

Can I get a Yeee-ha?

The Stampede was AWESOME!

First, because Chris' fantastic cousins (that I hope to meet one day) gave us VIP passes for the day, and who doesn't love being a VIP?

See how important I look? It's almost like I don't even NEED a cowboy hat.

Outriders are cool - they're the "support" team at a chuckwagon race, and although I was standing in the wrong spot/too short to see what they ACTUALLY do, they ride pretty fast in the home stretch.

The victory lap/cool down. This is really the only time you can get a clear shot of the wagons, since they're no longer going light speed. The chuckwagons burn up the track and thunder by, then do a little trot-by after the rankings are announced.

The most gorgeous horses in the world: the Budweiser Clydesdales. They came out for a drive-by during the "zamboni" (dirt-boni?) phase of the races. I wish I had gotten a good shot of Brady - he's the happy Dalmatian that stands on top of all the beer, wagging his tail.

The chuckwagons fly by in the home stretch - with four wagons racing in each heat, you can feel the ground shake!

What else was great about the Stampede? According to Chris, the Stampede double burger, the corn dog, and the mini donuts. (Yes, that's less than half the fair food he'd normally eat - he restrained himself very well!)

We also learned that cute little sheep don't necessarily say, "baaaaa". They sometimes sound like a very old, crotchety man, saying, "Bleaaaaahhhhh!"

And did I mention that we were VIPs?

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