Wednesday 2 July 2008

...and Tapeworm Makes Three

Wow, my faithful blog readers must have been saying to themselves recently. Your life sure isn't very exciting lately.

Of course not, I reply. It's because I've been exhausted, nauseous, and starving...waitaminute...

So, about 2 months ago, I took a little test, and sure enough, I was looking at my abs for perhaps the last time ever.
We are Proud to Introduce The Tapeworm, who, although "it" will be a welcome addition to our little family, sure hasn't been much fun yet. Ok, except for the starvation/voracious appetite bit...that part's been totally awesome. I think it's passed, though (boooo), and I'm back to eating reasonable amounts of healthy food, but with more fruit and dairy.

Lettuce back up, shall we?

There was a 2-year plan in place, after the wedding - enough time to be sure we were solid, still liked each other, and were solvent, before jumping into a giant, lifelong commitment to care for another human being (the decision to adopt Buddy the Fish was kinda tough, too, but we managed that one ok) - and, well, details aside, let's just all agree that it's best that "safety first" has always been my motto, because, to quote Yoda, "there is no try. There is only do..."

Anyhoo, at 13 weeks now, I'm still quite nauseous, but at least I have hope that I will feel better eventually (ideally in the next 5 minutes or so). We broke the news to the fams, and that was so much fun! We told my family when we visited Ottawa last week, just before the camera flashed for a family brunch picture (what does it say about my family that nobody even questioned us taking a family brunch picture?), and the result is as follows:

And as for the abs, well, they're gone. Here's where it stands right now, but I expect that the pictures will become more and more amusing as the weeks go on. For those interested more in the "real life" escapades of His and Her Huffness, well, I promise that this won't turn into just another baby blog....although the wining part of dining will probably get a lot less air time.
The Tapeworm pushes out my belly at 13 weeks (July 1, 2008).

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Garrett Family said...

Oh my God, you're HUGE! Yeah, right...I'm so much bigger than you and I'm not pregnant!!! Anyway, I'm so happy for both of you guys and can't wait to see more pictures and read about the pregnancy and impending birth of your new addition!!

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