Thursday 16 August 2007

Say cheeeeeese!

There is a very fine line between eating enough cheese and eating too much cheese. Unfortunately, I have never just crossed that fine line. I usually go about two-pounds-of-cheese past that line, for example, about three bites into last night's WAAAAAAY too much cheese dinner... and keep going.

I had the delicious (and cheesariffic!) baked brie platter from Patty Bolands: a 4-inch wheel of brie, breaded with parmesan, and baked, accompanied by crisp bread, apples, and some pear chutney. It comes on a regular-sized dinner plate, beautifully presented, and thus masquerades as a reasonably-sized meal. With only about a bite left, however, I realized that I had eaten almost all of my reasonably-sized meal, but was actually a giant piece of cheese.

So good...

Hey, speaking of cheese, the latest collection of Huffintastic photos are now posted on Check them out, if you'd like!

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