Thursday 5 July 2007

Canada day update

(Canada Day update: got up, went to the gym, stopped by boutique GT for some festive buttons, hats, and flags, then made a pitcher of pretty lousy mojitos (later added sugar and vodka) and waited. Andrea stopped by at about 3, Chris (who was out for a run) and Sean joined us shortly after, and we started a 4-hour game of "President" that welcomed Jeremy and Jessica eventually, as well. Dinner was at Cornerstone - good, but the focus was still on the drinks at that point - and we made it up to a good fireworks-viewing spot at the top of Clarence just in time. Wow. Afterwards, we walked back to the condo, Chris dashed off to buy cake, and we closed down the night with some very, very loud karaoke in our living room. All in all, a good day.)

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