Tuesday 5 June 2007

A Huff by Any Other Name

Long time no update, I know. No more honeymoon photos have been sent, no wedding photos, nuttin.

I blame the G8 Summit, because, frankly, that's what's taken up all my time. In the two weeks after my month away, I earned 5 more days of vacation; that's how much overtime I did. The worst night went till 10, but we ordered pizza around 7:30, so that was ok. (Best Pizza Ever, by the way, but it could be due to the X-treme levels of starvation and stress, since I also had the Best Diet 7-Up Ever, too.)

I digress. The Summit is on, and my life has gotten quieter, if not easier.

What's in a name?

I just went across the street to claim a pair of pants from the dry cleaner. I had put them in for a broken zipper a few weeks ago, but was too busy to remember to pick them up. I went in today, they asked my name, and I said "Power", of course. She looks at the ticket and says, "But your ticket has you as an 'H'".



The name change thing is taking a while to get used to. I guess my main difficulty is that I'm not officially official yet; that is, I don't have the certificate back from the province, which will allow me to change my driver's license, health card, banking info, etc. However, I'm fully Huffed at work - both emails, my pay info, phone, and building pass all have my new name. But if I ever have to produce TWO pieces of ID, I'm in trouble.

I sort of feel like a fraud, not one or the other.

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