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DammitKaren: Fit, Quick! KISS at-home body-weight workout form notes

KISS Workout Form Notes

Walking Burpees:  

Start in a plank position.  Step your left foot to the outside of your hands (runner’s lunge position), then the right (low squat, butt down).  Stand up, hands up. Squat down, hands down between feet, step back with left leg (lunge), then the right (plank). That’s one. Do 10 on the left side, then 10 with the right leg leading. Et voila!  The blood is pumping, and the muscles of your legs, hips, core, chest, and arms are warm and ready for more.

Reverse Lunges:  

Start from standing.  Step back with your left leg into a low lunge (on a railroad track, not a tightrope), then push off the front heel (right foot) to come back up to standing, lifting the left knee up and balancing on the right leg.  Then step the left foot back down into the lunge. Perform all reps on one side before starting the other side. For your second set, start with the right leg. Dial it up:  add a hop at the top, driving the opposite hand up at the same time as the knee.

Good Mornings:  

Start with your left foot about 3 feet in front of the right, legs straight.  Place your fingers to your temples, and, keeping your chest lifted and head straight, lower down so that your chest is parallel to the ground and you feel a stretch through the left hamstring..  Pushing through your heels, and squeezing your glutes, raise straight up again (don’t round or arch your back). You should feel this in your upper back (pulling shoulder blades together), glutes and hamstrings (both legs).  For your second set, put the right leg in front.


Make sure that your body is a straight line from your shoulders to your toes (or knees) - do this by pushing your hips forward and squeezing your glutes.  Look about a foot in front of your hands (don't tuck in your chin). Your hands should be a little wider than your shoulders, so that at the bottom, you have a 90-degree bend in your elbows and your neck is straight.  Dial it down:  drop to your knees to finish the set, as needed.  If you're struggling, but still up for of a challenge, keep your legs extended for the lowering phase of the movement, and only drop your knees down for the pushing UP part.

Mountain Climbers:  

Start with a strong high plank, with your core tight and braced, and jog your knees in and out.  Left in, right in - that counts as one rep.

Jump Squats:  

Start tall, with your feet wider than your shoulders, and sit down into a plie.  Your knees and toes should be pointing outwards about 45 degrees. Draw in your core and put the weight into your heels.  Then, explode up, straightening your legs and pointing your toes, landing softly (toe-heel) and coming back into your plie.  Dial it down:  take out the jump, but raise up on your tiptoes at the top.

Triceps Dips:  

On the edge of a firm chair or low table, put your hands beside your thighs, and tuck your elbows behind you.  Keeping them pointing to the back of the room, lower yourself down to about a 90-degree bend, and press back up, keeping your hips close to the edge of the chair/table. Dial it up:  keep your legs straight throughout.

Core - Russian Twists:  

Seated, knees bent, lift your legs so that your feet are off the ground.  Lean back, keeping your head up, until you feel tension in your abs. Then, bring your hands over to one hip then the other.  Alternate. Dial it up: hold a hand weight or kettlebell (or bottle of wine) in your hands as you twist side to side.

Core - Plank with Knee to Outside of Elbow:  

Hold a high plank (from your hands).  Bring your left knee out to the outside of your left elbow, squeeze, return to your plank, and repeat on the right.  Alternate.

Core - Side Plank:  

From your elbow, stack your feet on top of each other, and lift up to a good, strong straight line.  Push your hips forward, and press through your shoulder to get more height. Breathe! Do a full 30 seconds before switching to the other side.  Dial it up:  Maintain a Straight, Strong body line while you roll to the other side without dropping to your knees.

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